Scotty's Professional Lawn Care

Serving Lafayette and Surrouding Areas Since 1992


Professional Lawn Services in Lafayette

  • Full Service: Blowing, Weedeating, Edging, etc.

  • Commercial Lawn Care

  • Residential Lawn Care

  • Licensed Chemical Spray

  • Hedge and Bush Trimming

  • Turf Maintenance

Scott's Lafayette Lawn Service

Scotty's Lawn Care originates back in 1992 whenever Scott Trahan was cutting grass on the weekends for some extra cash. Back then, he was using a single pushing mower and weedeater. The quality of work has not changed since those days, but the ease at which it can be done has. Now, Scotty has 3 riding lawnmowers with different uses, blowing equipment for cleaning, weedeaters, edgers, and more.

We've serviced over 100 clients over the last 20+ years in the Lafayette area. We've had clients stick with us for that long as well, so loyalty means a lot to us.

Scotty's Lawn Care is dedicated to providing incredible service for anyone who needs professional lawn care.

Commercial Properties

Scott has over 20 years of satisfied commercial customers.

Residential Properties

Professional lawn serivce for residential homes all around Lafayette!

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